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A play for an Audience of One

ELSEWHERE tells stories of refugees from different times and places; a Syrian refugee, a Sudanese refugee, a Venezuelan refugee and more. The play is meant to be experienced in a one on one setting; each audience member meets each of the refugees for an intimate 7 minutes encounter.
A voice guides audience members on their journey through the stories. Each viewer will experience the play in a different order until the group is reunited at the end of the cycle.

Production history:

Acco Theater Festival, Israel, October 2016


Concept and writing by Stav Palti Negev

Directed by Hisham Suleiman

Set and Costume Design by Nardeen Srouji

Lighting Design by Wasim Salach

Featuring: Rauda SlimanMahmoud Mora, Waseem Khair, Samuel Kh El-Sheikh

Development History:

The Public Theater, Emerging Writer Group Spotlight Series. Reading, directed by Tea Alagic.

The Public Theater, Virtual Reality Lab. Directed by Tea Alagic.

Call Elsewhere

An adaptation of the play. Call Elsewhere is an audio piece, to be experienced from anywhere in the world by dialing a phone number.

A collaboration with Lyto Triantafyllidou.

Presented at: New York Live Art, Chashama Gallery

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